Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wacky Wednesday Tomorrow!

Hey Pandas!

Wacky Wednesday is tomorrow! So wear your absolutely most absurd and ridiculous clothes! Mix and match items from your closet until you have the most outrageous outfit you can wear!

If you take a picture of you and your friends being wonderfully wacky, send the picture to Henry at screenshots@pandanda.com. Put WACKY in the subject line, and make sure to include your panda name. Henry will choose some pictures to feature in his Pandanda Blog.

Don't forget that Free Elite Member Day is on Saturday the 25th, and the Harvest Festival begins on Friday the 24th!

Have a fantastic day!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Pandanda Zing Ballyhoo's 74th Mystery Item!

Hey Pandas!

Zing Ballyhoo has once again returned to Pandanda! Let's find out what amazing mystery item he brought for us this week! You can find Zing in the Treehouse Lobby on the map.

To check how many tickets you have so far, just click the golden ticket located in the upper right corner under the map button.
You have to collect 10 tickets in order to get a awesome prize or 500 coins from Zing Ballyhoo. You can find tickets anywhere except your treehouse. The tickets will appear randomly (just like cans, fruits, vegetables, gems, treasure chest etc.) Collecting the tickets may take a while. So you just have to wait a while.

Once you have collected 10 tickets, head over to the Treehouse Lobby and get you prize. When you click on Zing, you get choose either the awesome prize or 500 coins. Remember, you have the choice of either his prize or some coins, so choose carefully. You only get one choice each week!

This week the prize is a...Olympic Track Runner Outfit!

And here's what it looks like on me and my Player Card:

Remember that after 12:01 PDT on July 22nd (Sunday) you will not be able to get this mystery item! So don't wait until the last minute to get this week's prize! I personally think that this mystery item is pretty cool looking! Now all of Pandanda Land can work out and get rid of our chubbiness lol!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pandanda New Summer Catalog 2012

Hey Pandas!
Finally the moment that we been all waiting for is for some new batch of summer clothes! Although pretty much all the clothes were the same as last year's, but at least they came in new different colors :) Don't forget that this Saturday (June 30th) is Free Elite Day and also my panda's birthday! xD I can't wait to see the new location in Pandanda soon! Here's a sneak peek of some summer clothes from the catalog:
Check out the new full catalog at Fitch's Clothing Co in East Market Street! :D
Have a great summer/winter!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pandanda 2012 Summer Festival Guide!

Hey Pandas!

The Summer Festival has once again arrived in Pandanda! First, click the pineapple on the top right hand corner (it's right below the map icon). This is also where you can check how many pineapples you collected by checking the pineapple icon.

Okay, so once you clicked the pineapple. The following message will appear on your screen:
(Click to enlarge)
You can collect pineapples anywhere in Pandanda, but not in your Treehouse or anyone's treehouse. Pineapples appear like fruits,cans,bottles,Zing tickets, etc. But, they will appear much quicker than Zing tickets (well...this year the pineapples seem to appear slower than Zing tickets xD). And this is what the pineapple looks like when you are collecting pineapples:

You have to collect at least 25 pineapples before you can get a prize for elite members. And at least 40 pineapples for non members. Once you collected 25 (members) or 40 (non members) pineapples, visit Kapono (he is located at the fishing hole) to get some awesome prizes.

And so this year's Summer Festival 2012 prizes are...
(Click to enlarge)
To get all the prizes for non-members, you have to collect 270 pineapples. To get all the prizes for members, you have to collect 320 pineapples You can keep collecting pineapples until July 1st.

I really like the summer prizes this year! It's totally unexpected of what I thought the prizes were going to be :D I think that each prize is worth the time to collect all those slowly appearing pineapples xD

So what is your favorite Summer Festival prize? Also on June 21st is Yellow Color Day! So wear yellow paint, yellow clothing, yellow accessories and etc. Have fun collecting pineapples!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Pandanda 2012 Summer Festival is almost here!

Hey Pandas!

The Summer Festival of 2012 is coming this Friday! Here is what Henry has to say about the coming Summer Festival:

I can't wait to see the new summer prizes for this year's festival! I hope it'll be even better than last year's prizes :D


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hello Pandas..
Zing has returned once again with a new prize. This week's prize Is a mustache :{D

It's also Zing's last week on giving out prizes. He will be returning In July.